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Affymetrix Arrays       

The centre has an Affymetrix TG3000 system with 2 fluidics stations enabling all current Affymetrix cartridge array types to be run.  The Affymetrix system is currently operated as fee-for-service only.

   Affy Scanner  

Gene Expression 

Affymetrix microarrays are available in different formats for gene expression studies.  Traditional genome expression arrays contain probes which target the 3' end of transcripts and are available for the largest range organisms including many species of agricultural importance.

Gene and Exon Arrays (Human, Mouse and Rat only) are a newer array designs which target whole transcripts rather than simply the 3' end. Exon arrays have the largest coverage and are ideal for detecting alternative splicing events.  The smaller Genearrays offer a very cost effective Whole Transcript probe design for gene level analysis.  For more detail on choosing an appropriate Affymetrix array for studying gene expression please contact the centre or visit the Affymetrix website.

NB.  RNA samples submitted for Affymetrix arrays need to be assessed for quality using an Agilent Bioanalyzer or equivalent.  The minimum starting amount of total RNA is 50 - 100 ng for all expression arrays (lower amounts can be used in conjunction with a linear amplification system such as those from Nugen).

Complete this order form to purchase Affymetrix Expression Arrays.

Gene Regulation

Promoter and high density Tiling arrays are available for applications including identifying DNA methylation sites and transcription factor binding sites (ChIP-chip assay).   For more detail on Gene Regulation arrays please contact the centre or visit the Affymetrix website.


The Genechip SNP 6.0 arrays contain approximately 1.8 million probes and can be used for many different genotyping applications.  Approximately half the probes on the SNP 6.0 arrays are SNP targetting and the remainder are non-polymorphic for Copy Number detection.

More focused genotyping can be performed using the Affymetrix Targetted Genotyping (TG) array system.  TG experiments are performed using Universal Tag arrays in combination with a specific MIP probe labelling mixture.  Users can design assays for a custom set of SNP regions or choose from the range of ready-made Affymetrix assays.  The centre's GSC3000 7G scanner is able to scan the 4 fluorphores used in this application.  For more detail on Genotyping arrays please contact the centre or visit the Affymetrix website.